Scale and transform in Z

I’ve tried to shift and scale Z-axis at the same time. This solution does not work for me :frowning: version 5.11

Please share what you did exactly and what is not working

  1. I read 2D seismic data from SEG-Y file as 2d structured grid
  • Data in the grid started at zero depth - which I need to shift to real value of 600
  • I wish Z-scale to be 5 times bigger than X and Y
  1. I use “Translate” in Display option to shift - I works correct
  2. Then I set Z- “Scale” in Display to 5 - shift remains but values on Z-axis became incorrect
  3. I was not able to find correct numbers to put into axis parameters to get correct values.
  4. I can send step-by-step screenshots if necessary

Which Z axis are you talking about ?