Scale/Opacity Array setting missing in PointGaussian

Hello, everyone!

I am a relatively new user of ParaView. I am doing a DEM simulation of particles of various diameter and want to see their actual sizes in the ParaView. I have the VTK files and have chosen the Point Gaussian option but I cannot see the actual diameters of the particles. Forums only say that the ‘Use Scale Array’ option must be chosen in settings, however, it seems that it is missing from my ParaView under Point Gaussian. Same with Opacity Array setting. The screenshot is here ( The ‘Under Scale Array’ check under Ray Tracing does not do anything.

When I open the vtk files with text editor, I can clearly see the radius values. I am using ParaView 5.8.0 on Windows 10.


Probably an advanced option, click on the gear icon.

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Thanks! Now it’s perfect for me