Screenshot from pvpython is... weird

Hi all,

I’m usually using pvpython at some point in a study, when I need to capture many identical screenshots from many parametrized cases.

I recently started getting this kind of issues :

You can notice there are two problems:

  • The colobar is maximized, in the middle of the screenshot
  • There are these weird artifacts…

These issues are not happening when I’m doing it by hand, which is actually the way I generate the script, before modifying it to loop all the case folders.

I’m using paraview 5.4.0 packaged with OpenFOAM

Thank you for your help !

In your script, there is a line that says: “ViewSize”. Uncomment this.

You may also want to update to ParaView 5.6.0. 5.4.0 is old (and I believe had an issue with creating .avi files).

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Hi Walter,

You nailed it right in the center. It’s all good now. Thanks !!

I know it’s bad to stick with this old version, but it is just so convenient in my workflow to just have it packaged with OpenFOAM, installed and operational with a single command line… But I’ll do the effort.

Among other wonderful features and improvements in 5.6.0 from our favorite neighborhood Kitware men and women, is the following that now appears at the top of all scripts:

# trace generated using paraview version 5.6.0
# To ensure correct image size when batch processing, please search
# for and uncomment the line # renderView*.ViewSize = [*,*]

No problem at all. Stay calm and viz on! :slight_smile: