Seeking Help regarding calculation of average of concentration in a ring

Hi. I am hoping someone can help me with my problem.
I have attached a .vtu file here where it shows the concentration distribution on a circular disk when opened with Paraview. The rendering should be in “Color” not “Solid Color” and also “Surface” should be enabled.
If you look at the figure you will see a circle where half of it in blue and another half in red/white. I want to divide the circle into 20 rings (all adding up to the whole circle) and find the average of concentration in every ring. Is there any way I can do that in ParaView? Please let me know.

Best regards
Mohammed Al-Evan Chowdhuryc2-unstructured VTK.vtu (101.9 KB)

Sounds like something you could do by

  • Computing the radius as a new field
  • Extracting the circles using multiple tresholds filters on the radius
  • Computing the avg concentration on each circles

This will not be easy to do in the GUI though.

Thank you for your help, Mathieu Westphal.
If it is tough to do it GUI, should I need to write a code to do the job?

Yes, a python script would be the right way to go once you are able to do it for a single circle within the GUI.