Seeking Transforming Functionality in Paraview 5.12.0


Hello everyone,

I’ve noticed that in Paraview version 5.8.0, there’s an operation called “Transforming” under the Properties menu. However, I couldn’t locate this functionality in the version 5.12.0 that I’ve installed. According to my understanding, higher versions of the software should be backward compatible with features from lower versions, which has left me puzzled. Could someone here kindly advise me on how to access the Transforming functionality in Paraview 5.12.0? Do I need to install an older version of the software separately to utilize this feature?

Thank you very much for your assistance!

It’s still there in 5.12.0 - click the “Advanced” toggle button (the gear icon) to see it:

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Oh, thanks very much! I have found it!