Segment fault ('core' dumped)

I have serious problem with the software, I have the operation system Ubuntu 16.04 and at present I have installed the last version of paraview, but I tried use other version, but I has the same problem.
I need to visualize some file of type .vtp but when i try to open the files the software close and in the terminal appears the message “segment fault (‘core’ dumped)”. For one moment I thought that the problem can have origin in the files, but not is possivel, because I was abble to visualize those file before and I can visualized with other computer.
Please help me, I need to vizualize mine files!!!

Is it possible to share the file? There isn’t enough information here for us to act on as-is. Thanks.

Of course, in the next link you can see the files. I trying to visualizate the files tacts.vtp.

Thank for your help!