Segmentation fault when connecting to pvdataserver

When I try to connect to a remote pvdataserver, Paraview on my client freezes after the connection is established. About 45 seconds after the connection is established, the pvdataserver crashes with following error:

Waiting for client...
Connection URL: cdsrs://myserver:11111/<render-server-hostname>:22221
Accepting connection(s): myserver:11111
Client connected.
Connecting : rank :0 dest-host :VIED17075138 dest-port :52082

Loguru caught a signal: SIGSEGV
Stack trace:
10            0x40173e pvdataserver() [0x40173e]
9       0x7f92c35d6803 __libc_start_main + 243
8             0x401655 pvdataserver() [0x401655]
7       0x7f92c1217f82 vtkTCPNetworkAccessManager::ProcessEventsInternal(unsigned long, bool) + 658
6       0x7f92c015c3e1 vtkMultiProcessController::ProcessRMIs(int, int) + 705
5       0x7f92c015bc08 vtkMultiProcessController::ProcessRMI(int, void*, int, int) + 312
4       0x7f92c19dcd28 vtkPVSessionServer::OnClientServerMessageRMI(void*, int) + 1096
3       0x7f92c19dc8ba vtkPVSessionServer::GatherInformationInternal(unsigned int, char const*, unsigned int, vtkMultiProcessStream&) + 698
2       0x7f92c11c99c2 vtkPVDataInformation::CopyParametersFromStream(vtkMultiProcessStream&) + 114
1       0x7f92c01619a0 vtkMultiProcessStream::operator>>(std::string&) + 208
0       0x7f92c35ea8d0 /lib64/ [0x7f92c35ea8d0]
(  46.686s) [pvdatserver     ]                       :0     FATL| Signal: SIGSEGV
Segmentation fault (core dumped)

I already built paraview with updated git repositories.

Can anyone help with this problem?

please share the commands you use.

I started it just with “pvdataserver” on my remote machine (it is a headless machine running on RHEL 8.3).
On my client (Windows 10) I started the pvrenderserver and the GUI.

HI I have the same problem.

I connect using reverse connect and the client will be connected.

Now if I am using a compute node on the server (I believe there is some permission issues), I get this error.
If I am not using a compute node and is running pvserver using the ssh’d remote terminal, i get no error but this is of no use.