SegyReader broken in 5.7, 5.8?

I have been trying to import seismic data in the form of segy files into Paraview, and have run into a potential bug as of release 5.7.
In 5.6, the SegyReader works perfectly and loads in the data as expected. However, in 5.7 and 5.8, the progress bar freezes at 50% and then fills my 25+ GB of RAM (file size is ~40 MB). As far as I’ve seen, the load never finishes and Paraview crashes after a while. At first I thought it was an issue with my files, but the fact that it loads fine in 5.6 suggests that something has changed between releases.

Can anyone confirm that this is the case, and not just an issue on my end?


Hi Eric,
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Do you have a small-ish file that you could post that shows this behavior?


Here is a small test file that behaves as described:

test.segy (3.8 MB)

Excellent. Mind writing up a bug in the bug tracker? It is found here:

Done, thanks!

Check Force 2D and the reader will read 2D datasets like this correctly. I don’t recall the details but these some information lacking in the format that doesn’t let the reader determine this on its own correctly.