Select subset of points identified as cell centers, and measure distance between them

I would like to select a subset of points from a preexisting VTK data structure, and then use a ruler to compute distances between point pairs.

For example, from a given data set, I can first identify all cells between a temperature range 300 - 600 K using Threshold. Then I can use the CellCenters filter to plot all the centers of these points. These cell centers then appear on screen using the ‘Point Gaussian’ representation.

I would like to go further and select a subset of these visible cell centers, and compute distances between them.

Looking online, I saw older emails about a Selection Editor which was used to select cell centers, however, I understand that the Selection Editor was later removed. I havent been able to find anything else that can help me select points of my choosing.

Any help would be appreciated.


Are you talking about the “Selection Inspector”. Indeed it does not exist in the form it was documented.

In any case what you can do :

  • Compute the distance manually using the Ruler source
  • Write your own python programmable filter to compute all distance as once.

The problem I am having is that there seems to be no way of selecting any point from the cloud of points that are rendered by the CellCenters filter. Once I can select the points I want distances between, the Ruler can indeed be used to find the distances.


Use Ctrl-P with the ruler to pick the points.

Thanks the Ctrl-P worked to pick the rendered points.