Selected cell moves when I change time step

I have been trying to plot my variables over time. To do this I have selected the cell(s) in question and then click “plot over time”. This seems simple enough.

Unfortunately when looking at a 3D shape of my results and change the time step, the selected cell moves. I am using version 5.8.0. Has anyone else seen this problem before or knows how to fix it?

The answer probably depends on how you selected the cell and the nature of your data. I’m going to assume that you selected the cell by clicking on the Select Cells On button pqSurfaceSelectionCell and clicking on the cell.

Most likely what is happening is the topology of your mesh is changing from one timestep to another. When you do a selection like this, ParaView records the id of the cell you selected (cells are ordered from 0-N). If you load a mesh for a new timestep and the mesh for the next timestep has the cells in a different order, then the selection is going to move.

If you want data to be at a consistent location over time, you might try the Probe filter instead.