selection option of field variable in 'find data' not available for exodus file


I was trying to find all the cells that have exceeded certain value for a ‘filed variable’ using ‘find data’ feature in Paraview(5.9.1). But in the ‘find data’ window I do not find any option to select the field.

For example in the attached image, I want to get all the cells where Var_back_stress_edge_08<-100. But where will I select that variable(Var_back_stress_edge_08) and the condition(less than)?

I am using Paravie-5.9.1 in Mac.
Data file is in exodus format from MOOSE simulations.

minimum data file:
Data_CPD_n2-10X10X4_Comp_SplitYes_SourceNo_AdvYes_BCFFoo-LRFBTB_TransYes2p0_Lbar2p0_2024-02-01-14-37-00.e (3.9 MB)

Los Alamos National Laboratory

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