Separate window to show only scalar bar, annotations, coordinate system etc..

Hey Guys,

i hope you can help me with this issue. I am trying to make some animation, but i dont want the scalar bar to be inside the picture. Instead i want it to be in a separate defined window where no geometry is shown. So i want to avoid the scalar bar to be upon the shown geometry. Same counts for custom annotations and the coordinate system. They should all be inside the additional window on the right hand side.

I attached an example where i created a second render view to just show the scalar bar. In the first render view i only showed the geometry and deactivated the scalar bar. So is there another more easy way to get a similar result?

Thanks a lot :slight_smile:

I’m afraid not.

But then it isnt possible to create a second legend for another scalar, because when no geometry is shown, only one scalar bar can be created.

You lost me there, can you show some kind of an exemple of the end result ?

I can try to describe it with an example.

I want to create slice through my computational domain to show for example the velocity of the gaseous phase. Additional i want to visualize the droplets and their velocity. So i have 2 different scalars (velocity of gaseous phase and the droplet velocity). Therefore i need two separate scalar bars which works well if the slice and the droplets are shown in one renderview.
But if i create a second render view for the scalar bars and annotions etc. i can only make one scalar bar visible due to no data is selected to be shown in this second renderview. Only if i show the data/geometry in the second renderview i can create a second scalar bar, but then i have to take care, that the geometry is not visible in the section of renderview2.

I hope that was not explained too complicated :smiley:

Ok, yes you would need to do that I’m afraid.

Why do you want a second render view though ?

i want to make sure that there is a separate column on the right hand side only for the scalar bars, annotions etc…
This has the advantage that if i zoom in very closely, for example on the prechamber of an ICE, the scalar bars are not inside the geometry as you can see in my attached image (sorry, i cant show too much of the geometry).
And also it is easier to cut off the scalar bars for a comparison of different simulations with the same image settings, so i can only use one scalar bar.


Interesting. Yes, I’m afraid ParaView has some limitations on that regard.

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