server manager fetch is too late! help me

When calling server manager fetch, the first time connecting is too slow. After it connects, it gets up to speed, but at first it’s too slow.
Is the server manager fetch function a function that manipulates data after connecting to the paraview server when called?
Is there a way to keep the fetch function in my python server connected to the paraview server?
I want server manager fetch function to get response as fast as possible.

servermanager.fetch copy the data from the server to the client.

You don’t want to use it unless it is absolutely needed for your workflow.

Why do you need it ?

After fetching from the paraview server, I am trying to render on the web by fetching vtk data. That’s why I’m using it. If there is another good way, please let me know.

Sounds like a @jourdain question

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Is there any way to solve this problem? plz help me !

There is definitely a way to solve it but so far I still don’t see why fetch is needed.

I think it is a necessary function to change data into a Python array in our application. If there is another way not to use this function, I would like to know, so please answer. Thanks in advance for your reply.

Please provide more information as of right now, I still have no clue what you are doing and why.