Set default folder for File, Open ?

Is it possible to set a default folder for File, Open command ?
If not, I would suggest an option in Settings to do this.

Hi Dr_Nefario,
I don’t know how to set a default folder for File/ Open, however I do have a question. When you open ParaView, File/ Open will be wherever you were when you ran ParaView. You then will have the last 5 directories you opened, in the lower left corner of the File Open dialog. Further, once you open a dataset once, that will become the default location for subsequent file open’s, until you restart ParaView again. Would adding a default folder location add that much functionality?

Thank you Walter. I am a new user and was unaware of the lower left corner of the Open File dialog. I tried it out and it works for me. :slight_smile:

Hi all!

I’m interested in this funcionality. I have multiple data folders, usualy in locations that differ from where I run Paraview, Is there some way to add usually accessed folder or path to the File/Open? (in paraview 5.6, for example)

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I don’t think that is possible. Feel free to open an issue on our gitlab :