Set same legend for multiple views once


My problem is that I have a lot of outputs (actually a set of outputs (time serie)) and I want to know if there is a easy way to set the limits and style to the legend for all outputs at once?

I know how to do it per output but it takes forever to do that and if I close the program an re-opens it all settings are gone :frowning:

I attach my vtk-file.

heat.vtk (3.3 MB)

Hoping for a helpful advise :slight_smile:

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Use the SaveSettings button below.

Thank you!
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Den tis 29 sep. 2020 16:23Mathieu Westphal (Kitware) via ParaView <> skrev:

Hi @mwestphal
I manage to get the same type of legend for all output but I can’t figure out how to set a range for all output at once?


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Afaik, this is not supported. I’d suggest transforming your file into a time series instead.

I have thought about that… are there any examples on how to do that?
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I’d write a python script for that. Add a calculator, then something like:

for (i in range(120)):
  str = "{:05d}".format(i)
  calculator.Function = "t"+ str
  SaveData("/home/glow/data/tmp/aka/heat" + str + ".vtu')

This was not tested though.

Thanx! I’ll try that!
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