Hi @Forrest_Li,

I am wondering how to make Paraview Glance use a range defined in a .vtkjs file?

This (18.9 KB) is the .vtkjs file.
Can I define the range in the outermost index.json like so? I tried this and it wasn’t picked up by Paraview Glance.

If not, where in a .vtkjs I should define this range?

Also, Can I add multiple mappers for multiple scalars that I have? I will not use colorByArrayName property in others.

On the mapper you will also have to say to use the mapper range rather than the lookup table range. Glance tends to focus on the Lookup Table range so the color scale is properly shared across objects.

I am sorry. I don’t understand what you suggested @jourdain. Did you mean useLookupTableScalarRange to false? Because that doesn’t change anything.

Yes I mean useLookupTableScalarRange but Glance by design will revert it, no matter what. Hence that does not work.

@jourdain, are you saying it’s futile to try to setup scalar range in Praview glance through .vtkjs?

An option in glance is to have a lookup table with unique name for each range you want to use. The LookupTable is where the range is stored for the color mapping in Glance, not on the representation/mapper.