Setting default colormap settings for *components* of an array

I’m curious to know whether it’s possible to set default colormap values for components of an array. For example, given the can.ex2 example file, I’d like to have a linear colormap for Magnitude component of DISPL and diverging colormaps for the X, Y, and Z components of DISPL.

However, when I apply the save button in the Color Map Editor:

It only seems to apply the setting to the top-level DISPL array in my ParaView-UserSettings.json file:

    "DISPL" : 
        "PVLookupTable" : 
            "RGBPoints" : 

In our specific application, we have a top-level array for stress and then components such as xx, yy, zz, max_principal, von_mises, triaxiality, invariant_1st, etc. Some of these measures are restricted to the positives and so we’d like to prescribe default colormaps per-component.

Unfortunately, it’s not possible to specify different default color maps for components. In fact, it’s not possible to have different color maps for components at all - the color map is specified for the total array only.

Thanks @cory.quammen, is this something that would be a reasonable feature request?