Setting domain size

I’ve been trying to do some data manipulation for a while. It ended with me finding a work-around where I loaded a .vtk file to numpy array and did the stuff I wanted in python. I think exported by copying a vti ascii file format and pasting my array into it, with some adjustments (I tried 10 differnt approaches to do np2vtk and none of them worked, also pyvista clashes with the paraview python module so I couldnt use that either).

  1. What does the ‘RangeMax=…’ equal at the top of a .vti file, I’ve looked round every piece of documentation I can find on vti and vtk files but none of them state what this represents.

  2. I’m trying to generate streamtrace for the new data. I’ve got it working for the original data but I’m wondering how to adjust the size of the domain (the domain is uniform square grid, how do I set the length of each grid length or axis length in paraview). Is there a function to do this through the python paraview.simple module? I’ve been trying to search through dir(paraviewDataObject) to see if any of the properties are useful to me but after a few hours I’ve not been able to find anything.

Related to (2) : for the original.vtk if I load it in the paraview gui, on the information tab no length is given, only the number of grid points in each direction. It’s odd however because my velocity is scaled correctly as the flow is traveling around objects I have placed in the domain as expected.