setting doublevector label dynamically in VTKPythonAlgorithmBase


I have a prototype reader using VTKPythonAlgorithmBase, I’m able to set the range of a doublevector property dynamically (using an auxiliary function with a specific xml). But can I set the name of the slider dynamically using the file data?. For the moment I use an infromation_only stringvector to put a dynamic string on the gui from python but this is not very nice (the string is disable from edition so very difficult to read).



No, this is not supported. Changing property names will cause issues and is definitely not recommended. This sounds like a perfect candidate for a custom property group widget. Create a new pqPropertyWidget that shows a list of sliders with proper names.

ok thanks for the fast answer. This means a need to do some c++ development. I was trying to avoid the c++ development. Because it means a need a client side plugin (qt dependent) and I need to compile the plugin for all platforms. For the moment (is just for a prototype) I’m gonna stick with my ugly solution.

If a create a generic pqPropertyWidget (to be used with the “panel_widget=” ), can I push (MR) it to the ParaView sources so in the next versions I can develop a 100% python plugin?.

I think the VTKPythonAlgorithmBase class had a big impact on the scientific community. It facilitate the development (prototyping) of reader/filter/writer and make it very easy the distribution (no compilation) of theses plugins.

Thanks again.

Indeed. No objections to extending the default set of widget types supported by ParaView.