Setting Transparency with a Selected Scalar Array

I’m curious if there is a way to color a dataset by an attribute then set the opacity mapping via a separate array in the same dataset.

For example, I often have a volume of data with two arrays: the data array (e.g. some physical property like conductivity) and an array representing the uncertainty values. I would like to color my volume of data by the data array and set its transparency based on the uncertainty array.

Is there a way to do this in ParaView currently? If not, I was thinking I might create a Python Algorithm plugin to do this…my thought would be that the transparency would need to be set cellwise… is this possible/is there a good way to achieve my goal besides just adding a new RGBA array as I would like to still use predefined colormaps?

It actually is doable with volume representation and two components arrays.
Here is how to test it :

  • run ParaView

  • Open waveletElevation.vti (73.5 KB)

  • Set representation type to Volume

  • in the representation property, check “Multi Component Mapping”

  • Edit Color Map

  • Opacity and coloring are independant