Show different datasets as triangular mesh and glyph type of sphere, respectively.

Hi all,

Recently, I have performed particle simulation and I would like to do post-processing.

My question is that I have two datasets, one is for triangular mesh and the other is for particles.

I can show glygh of sphere for both datasets.

But I want to show triangular mesh for the first dataset and glyph of sphere for the second dataset.

Is there any hint to do it?

Thanks for your kind help.

Are your triangular mesh and particle set in different files or the same file? If they are in different files, just render the triangle mesh as a Surface and the particles as glyph.

If they are all in the same file, you first have to separate the triangles from the particles. How you might do that depends on how your data are represented. You will have to give more information about your data (posting examples is always best).

Dear Kenneth Moreland,

First of all, thanks for your reply.

output.00000000.vtk (530 Bytes)

Here is one of my time-varying files. The first two points are moving particles, and the third point is the center of the triangular mesh (because I don’t know how to show mesh, I just export mesh center coordinates).

My results are time-varying, so I think I have to put everything in a single file for a time. Then, I will have many files for different times. If you have any suggestion about how to import mesh vertices and show mesh accompanied with moving particles, please let me know.


The easiest way to show the particles is to change the Representation to Point Gausian (with the combo box near the middle of the second toolbar).

I have no idea what you expect ParaView to do with a single point that represents a triangular mesh. There is no way that anything can possibly guess what the surface is supposed to be. You will have to write out the triangles of the mesh. Writing out triangles into a .vtk file is well documented.

I highly recommend writing out the particles and the surface in separate sets of files. That will make controlling the representations much, much easier.

Dear Kenneth Moreland,

Thanks for your reply.

I export one point for representing a mesh because I don’t know how to show mesh if I export the vertices of the mesh accompanied with other particles. I have mesh vertices data and particles data. So far I just export mesh center coordinate to represent the mesh. I just expected is there any way to show meshes (through vertices data) and particles at the same time.

If using different files is easier, I would like to know is it possible to use the number of 2*N files (N for meshes and N for particles because there are N time steps) to generate animation?

Thanks for your help.

Yes. If you have two sets of file series and you load them up separately in ParaView (i.e. call File -> Open twice), then ParaView will synchronize the files loaded as it steps through time.

Dear Kenneth Moreland,

I have successfully shown meshes and particles through different files and made animation. Thanks for your help!