Show() in Python script triggers new Reader Object

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we develop our own Reader Plugin that can directly read in our compressed files into the ParaView workflow (pvpython from ParaView Prebuild Version 5.8.0; our plugin compiled with ParaView SuperBuild 5.8.0).
When we use our Reader as part of a Python script, e.g. with pvpython, we found out, that the Show() creates a new instance of our reader and re-reads the already loaded data. (Calls to the constructor, RequestInformation() and RequestData() are performed.) Since our data is compressed, re-reading the data means re-decompressing it. Is there a way to avoid re-reading the data and just copy it from the initial reader instance?
The initial instance of our reader can be deleted directly after executing the Show() command. For having a minimal memory footprint, this seems meaningful. Is it a good way to go?

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The Python code looks like (I replaced our reader by the EnSightReader):

//Initial instance:
incompressiblePisoFoamLesMotorBikeMotorBikecase = EnSightReader(CaseFileName='')
//Get active view
renderView1 = GetActiveViewOrCreate('RenderView')
//Show data in view: Show creates second instance of reader and returns it
incompressiblePisoFoamLesMotorBikeMotorBikecaseDisplay = Show(incompressiblePisoFoamLesMotorBikeMotorBikecase, renderView1, 'UnstructuredGridRepresentation')
//Destroy incompressiblePisoFoamLesMotorBikeMotorBikecase
del incompressiblePisoFoamLesMotorBikeMotorBikecase

Show() doesn’t create an instance of a reader, but an instance of a representation.
It is although when calling Show() that the data will be read for the first time.