Show internal points in a structured grid

I used Paraview in the past to visualize meshes and CFD results, now I start to use it to convert CSV data into structured grids by using the Table-to-structured-grid filter.

I’m able to obtain the grid without problem, but when I use the “Points” representation I cannot see the points inside the grids. Only the points on the external surfaces are shown,

The same for the “Wireframe” representation, the wires are shown only on the external surfaces, not inside the structured grid.

Is there a way to show internal points and wireframe?

Apologize if this topic is already present… I’ve not found the answer yet…

My paraview version is the 5.10.1 downloaded from the paraview download page
my sysop is Ubuntu 18.04.

Thanks in advance,

Hi @AndreaGiorgio ,

This is expected.

Is there a way to show internal points

Use Convert To Point Cloud filter


Use Shrink filter with a factor of 1.


I tried your suggestions, they are exactly what I need… thank a lot Mathieu.

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