ShowComponentLabels XML hint doesn't work for a DoubleVectorProperty

The title says it all. I put a ShowComponentLabels hint inside a DoubleVectorProperty with two ComponentLabel in the XML file describing my filter, but the columns headers are not showing in the property panel.

Can you share the xml please ?


Here it is :
InterestZone.xml (1.3 KB)

So, any suggestions ?

No problem in your xml. What are you seeing exactly ?

Thank you for the reply, you see :

the columns don’t have a header (“From”/“To” defined as hints in the XML file).

I know that this method void pqDoubleVectorPropertyWidget::propertyDomainModified(vtkObject* domainObject) is related to showing the labels (look at showLabels pointer) but I still didn’t understand the code.


This is working perfectly here. Feel free to create a small example dummy plugin that reproduce the issue.

I am using Paraview version 5.4.1, maybe this issue has been corrected in the later versions.