Signal of the Torque in Paraview

Hello everyone,

I ran an unsteady rotationary CFD case using OF to evaluate the torque and I am using paraview for post-processing. The model is running in the -Z axis and I am using an equation in Paraview to calculate the torque as follows: cross(F_drag,0iHat+0jHat+0*kHat-coords). The results in Paraview show three components and the magnitude of the torque. Also, the signal of the Z component is negative. Is this signal aligned with the right-hand rule for the torque? In my case, the orientation is clockwise. If the minus signal (-) is related to the right-hand rule, which considers the negative signal regarding the clockwise direction, the results should be right. Do you know if this consideration is valid? Or the minus signal is indicating an incorrect movement?

Really appreciate your help.