Silo files being brought in separately instead of grouped

One of the formats our code produces as output are silo files. When we output them in parallel, there is a ???.master.silo header file produced that we load. The ???'s are cycle numbers of the dump times.

When using Paraview 5.8., we can load the master.silo files as a group and animate through them. I just found out that Paraview 5.11. no longer does this but simply loads all of the files in the group as separate instances in the pipeline browser. Did something change recently to no longer support this for silo, or is there a bug?

Note that the filenames are padded with zeros in front, e.g., 00032.master.silo, 00224.master.silo. Additionally, the intervals between the numbers are not sequential. E.g., they aren’t 00001.master.silo, 0002.master.silo, but more like 00010.master.silo, 00223.master.silo.