Simple: Exporting Point Data over time to excel table

First time Paraview user,
I selected two points.
I can see the point data of the two selected points (temperature), in the SpreadSheetView.
As I play the simulation, the temperature data at these two points changes (good).
How can I tabulate/export the data into excel?


Easiest is to use the Export Spreadsheet button:

I was given the option to save it as a .csv file. This did not produce the tabulated results I need on Excel. Can you advise me? Thanks for helping Utkrash.

Excel can import .csv files. ParaView does not exporting directly to Excel file formats. You’ll have to import the csv into Excel.

I can get the temperature data at all points at one time.
In fact, for my 10 second simulation, I have 10 excel files.
Each excel file displays the temperature at each point at one second.

I can also get another excel file to show me the temperature of the two points I want, only at one secone, t = 0 for example.

Here: Left = all points at one moment in time t = 0, Right = two points of data at one time t = 0

I can pick out the data, excel file by excel file, but how can I do this faster - How can I export the two points of data, the temperature at these two points, every second of these 10 seconds. So 10 temperature data cells for each point. Two points, all temperature time measurements.


Thanks :slight_smile:

You can use Plot Data Over Time filter. Apply the filter to whatever source that producing the 2 values. Then show the data from this filter in a Spreadsheet view and you’ll all timesteps in a single file.

Thank you for being so quick. Swift reply.

I opened my file. I clipped it to access the inside. I picked two points using Interactive Select Points. Then I opened up SpreadSheetView, Showing PlotDataOverTime, Point Data, Show only selected elements. The spreadsheet is blank. Could you please tell me how to do this the right way

can you share your data? it will make this easier.

Looks like you’re selecting the 2 points. In that case, you may want to use the Extract Selection Over Time filter instead. If you share your data, I can upload a state file that does it.

How should I share the Group file. It is 10 .vtu files.

I do not have Extract Selection Over Time, I have Extract Selection

my bad, it’s called Plot Selection Over Time. You can try zipping or tarring the files.

If the are small enough you should be able to attach them here. Otherwise your a google drive or some other service to upload and share the link.

It’s 53 seconds I said 10 to make it easier :slight_smile:

Here’s the state.pvsm (267.9 KB)

I just selected two random points. You can change the selection and hit Copy Active Selection > Apply to update to use your points of interest.

How can I change the selection? I’m trying. Thanks!!!

  • I chose two points using Interactive Select Points. They became magenta. I cannot find the Copy Active Selection button. Also, how did you make this grid appear? This is really amazing.

I chose two points using Interactive Select Points. They became magenta.

Next, make the Plot Selection Over Time filter active in the Pipeline browser by clicking on it. That will show you the properties for this filter in the Properties panel. That’s where you’ll find the Copy Active Selection button. Don;t forget to hit Apply.

Also, how did you make this grid appear?

If you’re referring to the 2D plot, it’s generated automatically when you create a new Plot … filter.

You’re a beast, dude! :blush:

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I was referring to the blue grid on the model! Also, I am trying to open up your state file with my new model and Paraview crashes. Can you solve this with me?

I was referring to the blue grid on the model

The model can’t be be saved as CSV. You can maybe save the point coorindates for the same. Instead of using Plot Selection Over Time use Plot Data Over Time.

Also, I am trying to open up your state file with my new model and Paraview crashes.

Sorry no clue. Dont use the state, follow the actions I mentioned and then see what happens.

Hi @utkarsh.ayachit,
I used the procedure you suggested for extracting data of the field over time. However, the Paraview crashes when I apply the "Plot Selection over Time " filter on the entire domain, I can see the error with this format: “( 93.766s) [paraview ] vtkDataArray.cxx:523 ERR| vtkIdTypeArray (0x1e873820): Type mismatch: Source: float Dest: idtype” and after a while the paraview shuts down. I wonder what the problem is?

Also, I appreciate it if you can guide me how to write the value of a specific field over time on cell centers instead of the points?