Simple: forcing refresh after async model loading


So I have a paraview.simple server that loads a vtp model, and displays it via simple.Show(polydata). So far all worked fine.
I need to load it asynchronously, so I moved this code to a protocol, in a function decorated with @exportRPC("file.load").
The issue is that even though the model is loaded, it is not immediately visible. It becomes only visible when the user forces render, for instance by moving the model with the mouse or resizes the window.

So I guess it’s just a missing “refresh” call, but I can’t find what it is.
I call simple.Render(), and also tried simple.GetRenderView().Update(), but neither is sufficient.

Does someone know what I’m missing?

Thanks in advance

Edit: actually the issue may be client-side: a call to view.resize(); (view being the vtkRemoteView) after the RPC method fixes the issue. A simple view.render() is not enough. Still a call to resize (or resetCamera works also) feels a bit hackish; I wonder if there is a more appropriate call?