Simple: How can I share my current "ParaView project" (Point selection, Chart view, and Spreadsheet view)


I’d like to share what I am looking at here

I have the .vtu files to be clear.
I’d like to share what I’m looking at, exactly the way it is, including precision to my coworker. How can I do this?


ParaView state files record the current state of all elements in a scene in ParaView. You can save a state file with File → Save State… You’ll need to send both it and the .vtu files to your coworker.

Please see the ParaView Guide docs for how to work with state files. Your coworker will need to pay attention to the “Load State Options” section to point ParaView to the location of the .vtu files - unless your file system has the same layout as your coworkers, ParaView will need to be told where to look for the .vtu files referenced in the state file.

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My guy. You helped me! Thanks!