Simple: I changed the default directory of .vtu files and now I have a small error/have to open the files.


So I use Elmer (FEA) with ParaView.

I simulate a project in Elmer, then the files are saved as .vtu files in my /elmerprojectdirectory.
Then in Elmer, I click Start ParaView, and my .vtu (group) files are loaded up automatically.

Well, for a say 100 second simulation, I would get 100 .vtu files in my /elmerprojectdirectory and I wanted to organize this.

So I did. Now when I simulate in Elmer, the files are saved in a subdirectory /elmerprojectdirectory/vtufiles.

Well, now when I Start ParaView, I get
critical: In unknown, line 0

critical: Cannot open data file " case_t0001.vtu "

and I have to navigate to the .vtu group using File → Open.

Do you know how I can fix this by automating ParaView opening the subdirectory /elmerprojectdirectory/vtufiles rather than searching the Elmer project directory /elmerprojectdirectory for the .vtu group


Not sure how you got ParaView to automatically load your files on startup…are you loading a state file, using command line arguments? That’s what you need to update to load files from the new location.

In response to your helpful help, I posted on Elmer’s forum. Here Can I change the way .vtu files are saved within the project directory? - Elmer Discussion Forum ( I imagine they will be able to help.

Thanks Utkarsh :smiley:

Looks like it’s something to do with how ElmerGUI launcher ParaView – consequently, that question is indeed more suitable for that forum.

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Thanks :slight_smile: