Simulation was carried out using a solver similar to DPMFOAM, how to get particle pathline

I have used A solver similar to DPMFOAM for simulation. May I ask how I can get particle trajectories? I tried several things, but nothing worked.
One way is I joined the cloudFunctions in constant/kinematicCloudProperties file, as shown below
and the simulation is completed automatically generates kinematicCloudTracks-lagrangian

but I don’t know how to use this file for particles trace.
Another way is to use the post-processing tool particleTracks directly, which gets particleTracks.vtk, Opening it in ParaView gives you the image below

But it doesn’t seem to fit the actual particle trajectory

Please help me. Any help would be greatly appreciated!!!

If your particles are moving with time you should try the “Temporal Particles To Pathlines” filter.

For streamlines inside a vector field, you should watch the streamline webinar: Kitware ParaView Streamlines Webinar on Vimeo

my particles are moving with time, and I need to get the pathline of the particles. Do you have relevant materials or can you explain the operation process in detail? Because I will make mistakes if I try the way you said. Thank you

You may read the documentation:

Also in Paraview’s Help menu.