Simultaneous viewing of two different data items not possible

Normally it is not a problem to view two different data items at the same time, but I am having two now where it seems impossible. And I must already add that it is not a coordinates problem: they ARE in the same view volume! And the two legends are appearing properly.

(1) Unstructured grid, 70367 cells (all hexahedra), 145970 points, 14MB, 6 numeric attributes
(2) Polygonal mesh, 1267 cells (all line), 2534 points, 0.14MB, 1 string and 1 numeric attribute

I have them both loaded, and I turn them on and off with the “eye” symbol in the Pipeline Browser. Example:

  • (1) is on and visible, (2) off - ok
  • I turn (2) on: both legends showing, but the display shows nothing (!)
  • I turn both off, then (2) on: (2) appears - ok
  • I turn (1) on: again both legends, no display

In other words: the two do not “want” to be shown at the same time!

I have other items, like a triangulated plane. That also does not “want” to be shown together with (2), in the same way as described above. However no problem to show it together with (1).

From this I conclude that there is “something wrong” with that item (2) - but what could it be??

I can generate another “problem item” simply by applying the “table to points” filter, generating some points with attributes in the same “working space” as my other data: That points item has again the same problem as the above item (2): It does not want to be shown together with other things!

And this is really annoying, so I would be happy about any helpful hint!

Please share the datasets that reproduce the issue if possible.

Are they very “far” ? or is one big and one small ?

Wow, you are incredibly fast!

I can send the data items to you directly because it’s data from a customer for whom I am doing this.

yes please do.

Your datasets are too far and too small to be able to see together.

Thanks for your analysis, but I don’t really understand: what means “too far” and “too small”? I mean: They are both in the same coordinate “volume”, so “normally” they would be visible at the same time!

Just a guess: Would it help to remove e.g. the first 3-4 digits from the X and Y coordinates - because they are redundant anyway?

With other tools I had such problems with geographical coordinates: they are typically in meters, and the order of magnitude is like x’xxx’xxx, i.e. x millions something. But then the entire model has an extension of a few hundred or max. thousands, so the first digits are redundant - and only “kill” the important digits that may go down to the order of magnitude of centimeters!

Take a look into the information tab.
The two datasets are distant by approx 1e6 , while both having a delta of 1e3.

When you reset the camera while showing both dataset, it is like looking at two footballs on different mountain peaks, can’t see them.

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Oh I see indeed: It looks like I mixed up the X and Y values in one of the samples!

Again actually a “well known feature” of geographic coordinates: they tend to come in the “wrong” order (i.e. Y,X,Z instead of X,Y,Z)…

In other words: I should have known…

Thanks a lot!!