SLAM-based mapping without GPS/IMU


I recorded .pcap files with a VLP-16 lidar and I would like to perform SLAM-based mapping without GPS/IMU, does anyone know how to do that ?

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Are you using ParaView or LidarView ?


I am currently using LidarView.

There is not many LidarView users on this discourse.

@bastien.jacquet may be able to help though.

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You can check our Webinar on “How to SLAM with LidarView” : How to SLAM with LidarView on Vimeo

Please be sure to investigate the SLAM parameters as explained there because specific hardware setup and environments may need different parameter tuning.

Please notice that IMU/GPS/GNSS/INSS data are not used in the public version, the SLAM only uses the lidar points.

You can ask to the open source community if you have questions; or open a specific algorithm-related SLAM issue or LidarView UI one; or even submit a patch in the open source spirit. But that’s without warranties.

If you need professional support, Kitware does offer paid support, to help specific company projects getting off the ground.
We can also carry on full project development on contract, since that’s actually our business model.

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