SLAM Errors

I am receiving multiple errors when trying to SLAM in LidarView. I have attached the error file from the program. I have adjusted all settings according to the parameters mentioned in How to SLAM with LidarView. One statement says the last frame must come after the first frame?
Also when I try to SLAM online I get no window pop up to play SLAM live? Any help is much appreciated.
SLAM Errors.txt (433.3 KB)

Problem seems to be solved but is a possible glitch in the program. In Offline SLAM manager parameters if “ALL FRAMES” check box is selected then First frame is marked as one and last frame is marked as zero. This caused the error “Last frame must come after first frame” If box is unchecked and first and last frames are input manually then error went away while playing back SLAM.

Hi Matthew,

Thanks for raising that issue.
The current way it is done may indeed seem a bit counter intuitive, when running offlline SLAM, we shall determine the frames for which we want to run it, and by default when ‘All Frames’ is ticked, we shouldn’t take care of frames entered.
This will be fixed shortly on the master branch and will be available in the next release.
In the meantime, for any other user of the Offline SLAM, make sure the last frame idx is bigger than the first frame in the Properties.

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Thank you for the explanation. I think the issue was that I never checked the box, it was automatically checked and so when I tried to run SLAM it gave the error. Maybe the solution would be to either keep that box unchecked unless checked by user or to keep frame numbers blank or both Zero. Either way I am glad it was an easy fix just caused me quite the confusion for a little while. Thank you for your continued support of this awesome open source software!