Slice along Polyline y axis


I am trying to slice along a polyline, however it says it only slices along the z-direction. I would like to slice it in the y-direction. Here is my state file and the needed .foam file.

I would really like to plot along the polyline !

OR is there any way to change the mesh orientation that the polyline is in the XY plane?

Here are the necessary files:

1- polyline-passage-latest.pvsm (518.7 KB)

2- vtk file :!AogsRnDcMk-phK5IbvZK1XsaeX9jkQ?e=kiIdT6


Plotting along a created polyline is generally done after mapping the calculated values onto the polyline with the Resample With Dataset filter.

The following State file uses vtk as input because the above link is a vtk file.
resample_plot.pvsm (746.5 KB)

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Thanks ! That was of great help! I have a question, did you generate the polyline manually? How do I make sure the polyline is exactly in the middle?

I would also like to make polylines in all blade passages in the middle, can I somehow copy the polyline around the axis with angle “x” in between each of them ?

Also, what Destination mesh did you choose in the ResampleWithDataset ? I am trying to add more polylines and using the same technique and it wont plot…




Sorry, this polyline is created manually. There may be a way to create middle lines between blade passages, such as Transfinite interpolation, but I do not have an implementation of that.

For a rotated copy around the x-axis, you may want to apply the Transform filter to the polyline.

In the Resample With Data filter, the following settings were made.

  • Source Data Arrays: Connectivity1 (or Slice1)
  • Destination Mesh: SplineSource1
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Ok so I tried using Transform without luck, I could somehow manage to see the polyline or plot on it… However I did make manual polylines all over and used the same technique you used.

Is there a way to smoothen out the manually created polylines so that they look nice? I did try out Smooth filter on the SplineSource but it did not work.

Here is the state file:

blade-passage-midspan.pvsm (2.5 MB)


The following Jupyter note will help you create a smooth midline between blade lines using transfinite interpolation.

Below is a simple tested script and results. I hope this will be helpful.
tf_interpolation.7z (120.0 KB)

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Thanks a lot for the code, that was a good read! I want to generate more polylines for other slices (arc lengths differ in length), how did you generate the two poly1.csv and poly2.csv for a specific slice?

Also assuming I want to take the same interpolated line for different slices if I try to change the translation in Transform filter, the polyline is visible, however no data whatsover is plotted in paraview, I also tried making a new transform and resample again, append arc length and plot.again. What am I doing wrong?

Thanks !

I have created a video on how to create a poly1.csv file. Please refer to it.

The Source Data Arrays in the Resample With Data filter settings should be set to something like Connectivity1 with a 3D volume, not Slice1 with 2D data.

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Thank you that was great ! @Kenichiro-Yoshimi :slight_smile: