Slice + Crinkle looking different between 5.6.2 and 5.8.0

I’m having an issue visualizing the cells in my grid using the slice+crinkle cut method that I had been using since I started using Paraview now that I’ve upgraded to 5.8.0(I also tried this on 5.7.0 and it does the same thing). I’ve attached two screenshots that show the issue. Basically I used to just do a slice and turn on the crinkle cut with the “surface with edges” option enabled to get a nice view of the cell structure around my mesh. But now it looks like there are all these extra lines in the domain that don’t actually belong to any cell edges.

This is what the old approach gave:

And now using the newer versions:

I don’t know if it’s related, but I also noticed that when I’m in 3D, I swear I can see “through” a surface when I have the “surfaces with edges” view enabled. This creates a sort of cross-hatching visual effect when one surface is behind another.



Hi @wandadars. This looks like bug It will be fixed in 5.8.1, coming out very soon.

Thanks Cory. I appreciate you taking a look into my issue so fast.