SliceAlongPolyLine filter direction

Hi there,

I’m post-processing some cardiovascular simulations using Windows 10, PV 5.11.0.
I would like to take a slice through the centre of a vessel to plot data-arrays like the wall-shear-stress at the points intersected by the slice.

However, my vessel does not curve in a singular direction, so a single slice is hard to correctly capture an accurate ‘half-way’ slice across the whole vessel’s length.
I paired the SliceAlongPolyLine filter with a centreline file I have for the vessel, and it produced very similar behaviour to what I want, slicing the length of the vessel through its centre.

However, the filter took it’s slice in the Z direction - up and down through the vessel along its length.
I would prefer a horizontal slice for the metrics I would like to investigate.
Is there any way to change the behaviour of the filter to incorporate this?

The data is too large to upload here, so please find a GDrive link (let me know if another method is preferred for file sharing) containing a state file with volume, surface, and centreline files to demonstrate visually what I mean. I’ve used the volume file in the state to help visualise the slice direction.

Best wishes,

To those who might be facing a similar problem -

  • Apply the Transform filter to your dataset such that the Z-axis aligns with the direction you want to cut.
  • Apply the same Transform to your polyline.
  • Apply the SliceAlongPolyLine filter to the transformed datasets.