Sliced visualisation, shows the results is on surface but inside the model is empty

i had point cloud data, i had a mesh, i used volume point interpolated to apply csv point data to mesh but when i clip the mesh, the result is on surface but on the inside there is nothing. No data points or any of the mesh.
Pic of what i see

pic of what i want to see with solid shape

Wasn’t it a surface mesh (like STL) ?

a .vtp file is a surface, you want to save as a .vtu.

it was but i also want to see the inside. how can i do this? thanks

that is just to show the image. even before that it has same issue

In the second screenshot, it is clearly not a surface.

You need a volume mesh to map the results. It can have some dummy results so that you can import it easily.

that’s just the point clouds before being processed. that’s what i’m trying to use to make the model

can you explain a little further, please? i’m new to this

being processed

Well, how do you process it ?

As others have said, whatever you have in Finished_state_0.vtp is no use to you. That is a polygon file (i.e. only surfaces). That is why ParaView is only showing surfaces. All that is in your file is surfaces. You never said how this file was made, but however it was made it does not make what you want.

When you have a cloud of points, such as when you load a csv file and use Table To Points, there are a couple of standard ways to make volume data out of that. If your data set is small, Delaunay 3D usually gives good results. For larger data or other cases where Delaunay does not work, the Point Volume Interpolator is an easy way to interpolate points into a uniform grid.

volume interpolation. it looks like that when i cut through it

the vtp is just to show, even when it’s just been made, that the problem exists. I used delaney 3d and it works ok-ish i think but the thing is the structure is like fuel rods, cladding and the fuel assembly. with delaney 3d everything is seen as one box

Well, I can see from your second image that the points are formed in a box, so that is what Delaunay gives you. If you want to see inside the box, you can use the Volume representation to turn parts transparent. You can also use something like the Threshold filter to remove the parts that are not the parts you want to see or Contour to find the boundaries between the parts.

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thanks thanks