Slicing .vtr files in Glance?


I have 3 .vtr files (see here), which I can open as a group in ParaView and play an animation through the files (each .vtr corresponds to a different timestep, ordered by the filename) without problems:

Is there a way to transform my data in a format so that I can apply something similar to ParaView’s slice (or clip) filter in Kitware Glance?

I don’t mind too much about losing a bit of resolution as long as I can ultimately preserve the slicing and animation aspect.

Also, I only care about E-Field:Magnitude, which I suspect might not be a scalar, but I’m pretty much a ParaView beginner to try to solve that, so I’d appreciate if someone could test whether they could load it into Glance.

Many thanks for your time! :pray:

This was the best I could get by rescaling the scalar as a dataset

I tried to do the animation but it didn’t work. I would need some time to investigate what could be going wrong.

But creating a vtk.js based application slicing through your structure dataset won’t be that difficult. Just need to build custom filters and we could be good to go. We could even load the vtr in plain JS if that was needed.

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@jourdain - That looks great, thank you very much for looking into this!! Let me know if you figure out what’s wrong with the animation - I’ve managed to export a .vtkjs file from ParaView and the animation seems to work (although without the slicing of course).

Thanks again - looking forward to what you come up with!

I don’t think there is anything wrong with the animation export for ParaView. It is just that ParaView export are targeted for geometry and not volume. So we export the geometry (outer skin) rather than keeping the full volume.

Anyway, if you are looking for such web solution with animation on a client only approach from a ParaView export, we can do that. But Glance won’t do it out of the box. If you want to move forward on enabling such path, feel free to reach out to Kitware for support.

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Happy to proceed, just reached out through the link. Looking forward to our collaboration, thanks!

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(For the Kitware folks looking into this: looks like the download link with the sample files expired - here is a new one)