slider keyboard arrows behaviour in 5.7

Something seems to be changed from 5.6 to 5.7 version: until 5.6 if I used a filter with a slider (for example a Treshold) and I clicked on the slider’s cursor, by pressing left and right arrow keys I could increase or decrease the value, and with multiple key presses the slider selection continuosly changed. Then if auto-apply was selected, at each key pressing the scene was updated.
Now, in 5.7, after the first click, that continues to do its job, the focus seems to be elsewhere and further key pressing has no effect until I repeat mouse clicking on the cursor.

It’s a bug or a new feature to be differently used ?

I’me using linux version of 5.7.0 official release, but also a compiled superbuild has the same behaviour.

Thank you for your advice.



I add some more pieces of information about this task:

  • This different behaviour occurs only if auto-apply is selected. Otherwise, until Apply button is pressed, multiple arrow keys pressings continue moving the slider.
  • The same behaviour occurs also with Windows version

It’s a bug, of a feature I didn’t know existed. Good catch.

I will write it up. Thanks for reporting.

Thank you for the issue submission.
As this feature is quite important for us, if you give me some hints about which functions/classes could be responsible of this bug, I could try to have a look on them.
Thank you again