Slider usage in ParaView

Slider are not great tools to interact with the interface of ParaView.
There is currently two ways to interact with sliders in ParaView:

  1. Click on the slider mover, move it and release it
  2. Click anywhere on the slider to move the slider mover an incontrolled amount to the side it was clicked on.

I think this could be improved.

  1. Click anywhere on the slider could move the slider moder to the location of the click
  2. Add min/max toolbutton on the right/left side of the slider

Thoughts ? Ideas ?


I find the right-click behavior of the sliders in darktable pretty neat:

My preference is for the second choice :

Anyone immediately understands how to set an extrema.
These buttons could have the appearance of those found at the edge of the scrollbars, the scroll arrows.
(as little triangle black/white with the point indicating towards the outside of the slider)

but then taking into account a margin of imprecision of the click !
Let’s say, for example, a 10% right click in the slider sets the maximum value (resp. left and minimum value).
On the other hand, looking at the slider, the user has no idea of ​​the extension of the behavior of the slider when facing a left… or right click.

Might be nice to have Shift+click to move the slider to the nearest, e.g. 10% increment between the min & max. That would allow a quick & dirty way of setting options reproducibly between ParaView view panels & GUI instances.

Another useful trait would be to show the exact current slider value on mouseover