Slow Paraview Performance with version 4.3.1 and syncIO plugin


My research group uses paraview v4.3.1 with a syncIO file format reader plugin. We used to use v3.14 but we upgraded file formats to syncIO and it was necessary to switch Paraview versions as well. Unfortunately, v4.3.1 is significantly slower than 3.14 for us. I am not sure if this is inherent to version 4.3.1, there is some compatibility issue, or if the plugin caused this. Visualizing large datasets is essentially hopeless currently. We use a VPN to login into our remote cluster and run paraview from there. I am just curious if anyone has had a similar experience and if any insight can be provided to help speedup paraview without changing versions.


v4.3.1 is 4 years old and v3.14 is 7 years old.
This is very old in ParaView time, you are not likely to find other users of these versions.

Regarding your specific usecase, if you upgrade to a more recent version, you may have some issue a working graphicaly remotelly means the supported OpenGL version may not be enough for ParaView rendering system.

However, the right way to go imo is to run pvserver on your cluster, ParaView locally and then connect to pvserver.

This kind of setup will allow you to upgrade to a newer version which I hope would be faster.