Smooth and Fast Animation of .bp folders

Dear ParaView Community,

I am looking for advice on how to obtain a smooth animation in Paraview for .bp folders. An example file can be found here. When I open this diffusion.bp folder in ParaView (ParaView-5.12.0-RC3 on Mac M2 downloaded from here) using FidesReader and click on the play button, the animation is slow (step change is slow).

I can resave it as “VTK PartitionedDataSetCollection Files(*.vtpc )” and then when I open .vtpc the animation is fast and smooth. The animation is also fast if I save my results during simulation using .xdmf +.h5 and then use Xdmf3ReaderT. The xdmf + h5 files for comparison can be found here.

Since .xdmf is not properly maintained anymore and resaving data before visualization does not seem to be a very good approach, I am trying to find a solution to have a smooth animation working with .bp folders directly. Any help would be very appreciated.


I would suggest using VTKHDF format:

cc @caitlin.ross @berkgeveci

Thanks a lot @mwestphal ,

I will take a look at it.