Smooth of flow and ventricles

Hi there,
I’m importing vtk data with velocity field and relative contours.
In the software before I made an interpolation and so I have a pretty ugly contours
I found the filter smooth to adjust the contour but there is some way to smooth also the flow out of the contours? Because if I use Smooth filter also for the 4dflow it smooth also the inside and I don’t want that.

Do you have any suggestions?

Also do you know how to remove this?

Hi @mar.premi !

Maybe extract surface before applying your filter would avoid the inside smoothing?

How can I do that? Do I apply it on the contour? But then how can I do?

Can you give me the step? Thank you

I may misunderstood your question. Contour are usually surfaces so there is no inside.

In case of your previous computation output a contour volume (not surface), you may apply the “Extract Surface” filter to remove the “inside” of this volume. The filter is available in the Filters menu, then Alphabetical.

Could you please share your data?

It is a close surface with a flow inside.

1998753LV_3dflow_vec_ph001.vtk (694.0 KB)
1998753LV_3dflow_vec_ph002.vtk (683.4 KB)
1998753LV_3dflow_vec_ph003.vtk (620.6 KB)
1998753LV_3dflow_vec_ph004.vtk (562.0 KB)
1998753LV_3dflow_vec_ph005.vtk (501.0 KB)
1998753LV_3dflow_vec_ph006.vtk (378.4 KB)
1998753LV_3dflow_vec_ph007.vtk (325.3 KB)
1998753LV_3dflow_vec_ph008.vtk (280.9 KB)
1998753LV_3dflow_vec_ph009.vtk (245.3 KB)
1998753LV_3dflow_vec_ph010.vtk (220.8 KB)
1998753LV_3dflow_vec_ph011.vtk (223.4 KB)
1998753LV_3dflow_vec_ph012.vtk (236.2 KB)
1998753LV_3dflow_vec_ph013.vtk (255.5 KB)
1998753LV_3dflow_vec_ph014.vtk (278.0 KB)
1998753LV_3dflow_vec_ph015.vtk (344.8 KB)
1998753LV_3dflow_vec_ph016.vtk (420.7 KB)
1998753LV_3dflow_vec_ph017.vtk (477.7 KB)
1998753LV_3dflow_vec_ph018.vtk (514.9 KB)
1998753LV_3dflow_vec_ph019.vtk (597.0 KB)
1998753LV_3dflow_vec_ph020.vtk (595.3 KB)
1998753LV_3dflow_vec_ph021.vtk (587.6 KB)
1998753LV_3dflow_vec_ph022.vtk (579.3 KB)
1998753LV_3dflow_vec_ph023.vtk (573.4 KB)
1998753LV_3dflow_vec_ph024.vtk (578.2 KB)
1998753LV_3dflow_vec_ph025.vtk (583.3 KB)
1998753LV_LV_Endo_ph001.vtk (167.6 KB)
1998753LV_LV_Endo_ph002.vtk (167.7 KB)
1998753LV_LV_Endo_ph003.vtk (167.6 KB)
1998753LV_LV_Endo_ph004.vtk (167.5 KB)
1998753LV_LV_Endo_ph005.vtk (167.3 KB)
1998753LV_LV_Endo_ph006.vtk (152.7 KB)
1998753LV_LV_Endo_ph007.vtk (152.6 KB)
1998753LV_LV_Endo_ph008.vtk (152.3 KB)
1998753LV_LV_Endo_ph009.vtk (152.2 KB)
1998753LV_LV_Endo_ph010.vtk (152.2 KB)
1998753LV_LV_Endo_ph011.vtk (152.2 KB)
1998753LV_LV_Endo_ph012.vtk (152.2 KB)
1998753LV_LV_Endo_ph013.vtk (152.2 KB)
1998753LV_LV_Endo_ph014.vtk (152.1 KB)
1998753LV_LV_Endo_ph015.vtk (152.3 KB)
1998753LV_LV_Endo_ph016.vtk (152.4 KB)
1998753LV_LV_Endo_ph017.vtk (152.6 KB)
1998753LV_LV_Endo_ph018.vtk (152.6 KB)
1998753LV_LV_Endo_ph019.vtk (167.1 KB)
1998753LV_LV_Endo_ph020.vtk (167.1 KB)
1998753LV_3dflow_vec_ph026.vtk (598.8 KB)
1998753LV_3dflow_vec_ph027.vtk (642.4 KB)
1998753LV_3dflow_vec_ph028.vtk (722.7 KB)
1998753LV_3dflow_vec_ph029.vtk (751.0 KB)
1998753LV_3dflow_vec_ph030.vtk (723.5 KB)
1998753LV_LV_Endo_ph021.vtk (167.1 KB)
1998753LV_LV_Endo_ph022.vtk (167.1 KB)
1998753LV_LV_Endo_ph023.vtk (167.1 KB)
1998753LV_LV_Endo_ph024.vtk (167.2 KB)
1998753LV_LV_Endo_ph025.vtk (167.2 KB)
1998753LV_LV_Endo_ph026.vtk (167.3 KB)
1998753LV_LV_Endo_ph027.vtk (167.4 KB)
1998753LV_LV_Endo_ph028.vtk (167.6 KB)
1998753LV_LV_Endo_ph029.vtk (167.6 KB)
1998753LV_LV_Endo_ph030.vtk (167.5 KB)

Thanks for data sharing, I can now understand your problem.

It looks like your have 2 datasets, one with the surface contour and one with points with values. You should merge both before applying the smoothing to get the expected results. I can’t do the merge in ParaView because the two dataset does not have the same number of points. So you may have to do it in your software or manually, for example using VTK python scripting.