Smooth vtkimagedata (structured data) in paraview?

Hi there,
I would like to know if there is any smooth filters that could work on structured data (e.g. vtkimagedata) in paraview? I found “smooth” filter, but it only works for polygonal data (e.g. vtkpolydata).
There does exist smooth filters on vtkimagedata in vtk, for example vtkImageGaussianSmooth. But I could not find such one in paraview.
Do you have any suggestions? Thx

I think I figured it out, even if there is not smooth filter in paraview.
I can smooth vtkimagedata in vtk and send it to paraview by TrivialProducer and GetClientSideObject.

With which filter ?


You should be able to create a simple XML plugin exposing vtkImageGaussianSmooth. See

Dear Mathieu,
Thanks!! That should be another method. I will study on it.