smoothing color maps


There was a posting back in 2015 about how to smooth the color map data, see below. I have a similar need - I want to smooth the rendering of a calculation of surface heating power density for a fusion experiment. I can invoke the ‘cell to point’ filter but I don’t see where to choose “the point aligned array to color by”

The answer was: Try the cell to point filter and then choose the point aligned array to color by. C2P will average neighboring cell values onto the vertices. Then rendering can linearly interpolate across the surface of each cell.
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The issue:

On Fri, Feb 27, 2015 at 2:53 PM, Neal,Christopher R <chrisneal at> wrote: Hello, I have data on an unstructured tetrahedral grid. It is numerical schlieren data i.e. it is a scalar field of the magnitude of the density gradients at each cell center. When I open the dataset in Paraview and view the schlieren data set I see a jagged color map. I’ve attached an image that shows the jagged shape. I have used Tecplot before on this data set and it had the capability to have a continuous flooding color map that smooths out the colors on the color map. It makes the colors seems a little fuzzy, but it looks good. Does Paraview have this capability?