Smoothing Contours (iso lines) on a Planar Slice

Shown below is the plot of electric current density (A/m) imported from FEAtool output VTK and STL data. I am, as yet, unable to smoothing the contour/Iso lines. Please point the way …

The model is of a cylindrical conductor in a tank of impure water with opposite sides (of the tank) held 10V appart (+10V and 0V).


If I recall correctly, the slice filter will triangulate your data, so if you started with hexahedra the triangles might not interpolate your data as accurately. You could try to run the Contour algorithm first and then run Slice on the contour result.

Thanks for the suggestion … while it produced an interesting result, it was still not what I am looking for which is essentially a curve fit to the ios line points before they are plotted so that, while the resultant lines are not precisely correct, they are easier on the eyes :slight_smile:

I was hoping to be able to use the paraview.simple.smooth: - whose description seems to fit my need.