Smoothing the output of Rotational Extrusion

I’m trying to make a visually impressive (as in, I’m willing to sacrifice some technical accuracy) 3-D movie based on 2-D axisymmetric data. I’ll walk through the steps I’ve tried and the reasons why.

I have cell-centered, multimaterial data, where the material is identified by an integer scalar field:

I want to color materials differently, so I will focus on one of those first. I extract the specific material using two Clip filters:

The result is quite blocky, because it is Cell Data, but I get spurious artifacts if I try to use Point Data: (using Contours is similar)

I convert to Point Data and extract the surface in order to perform a rotational extrusion:

This looks good, other than the discrete steps. I try to smooth these using the Smooth filter:

This looks great, except for the seam where the extrusion “connects”.

Does anyone have any ideas on how I can improve this?



I’m wondering why you would get artifacts when converting to point data. Are you doing MergeBlocks and computing Ghost Cells before applying Cell Data To Point Data?

Yes, I did both of those (2 levels of ghost cells). I assume that it’s because clipping around mat==2 captures some of the interpolation between materials 3 and 1.

I wonder if you run clean to grid first. Ghost Cells wouldn’t get caught because the boundaries are likely global boundaries on the dataset. I believe Clean to grid would identify identical points and merge them.

I’ve made some progress for what I need by only doing a 270 deg. rotation. It’s not terrible. Where would I apply the Clean to Grid filter?

Clean to grid after the rotation, if the last bit of new geometry from the rotation matches the position of the initial geometry (nearly identically) it should work…

You may want to take a look into PBR or Raytracing rendering.
Supported by ParaView since 5.6.0.

I’m using PBR for the metallic parts in the later image above. Will ray-tracing help me? Everything we’re looking at is extruded, hollow, data. I’d LOVE for a way to make the black portion look smoky, but so far the best I’ve come up with is to texture it.