Solid Color Option Not Recorded In Trace

Hi, I’ve noticed that selecting the Solid Color option is not recorded when tracing. Here are the steps I’m taking in Paraview 5.5.2:

  1. Start trace in Paraview, with full tracing and incremental display.
  2. Open VTK produced in FreeFEM++ (example attached).
  3. Apply the new view in the left panel, and I see a red square.
  4. From the drop down in the menu bar, I switch from “Label” to “Solid Color” (the only change in the trace here is “HideScalarBarIfNotNeeded(labelLUT, renderView1)”, while the GUI changes from the red square to a white one).
  5. I save the output of the trace to a new file (example attached) and run it in a new paraview instance (this time I see only a red square at the end instead of a white one as expected).

It’s may also be worth noting that if I simply copy and paste the output into a terminal in a new paraview instance, the “HideScalarBarIfNotNeeded(labelLUT, renderView1)” line results in a text output of “False”. (3.1 KB)
newtest.vtk (353.5 KB)

Is there a command I need to put in by hand to resolve this?

Looks like a bug to me, could you open an issue on our gitlab

Got it, here’s the bug report:

Thanks. I’ve modified the issue so it is more easy to reproduce.