[solved] alternative to vtkBitArray

Dear experts,

I am writting a plugin and I want to put inside a vtkUnstructuredGrid a boolean array.
I have chosen the vtkBitArray to store this boolean array and I works as expected with the default Render View Layout.

Unfortunately when I add the SpreadSheet View I get the following error:

( 918.663s) [paraview ]vtkSortedTableStreamer.:1584 ERR| vtkSortedTableStreamer (0x3f71d80): Array type not supported: vtkBitArray

I have been lazy and I did not check if my minimal compilation of ParaView 5.7.0 was correct (I do not have numpy in my python3 installation for example).

Do you think that it should work if I enriched my compilation or is it a missing feature ?
If it is a missing feature, what datatype would you recommend ?


A wannabee developer

Missing Feature, vtkCharArray should do the trick.

Thank you Mathieu !